Futsal popularity is growing all around the world, but with the fast growth more challenges for the teams rise. Game filming and content delivering to fans have always been a struggle for many teams; money, people and technical difficulties are taking the valuable time and resources that could be used on other important issues like player scouting.

Futsal Week, an international futsal tournament organizer, have understood that hiring operators to film the games is too expensive and time-taking. This year Futsal Week have chosen a different and much more innovative way to film and stream International Futsal tournament “Futsal Week Summer Cup UNDER 19”.

In the tournament, which is going to happen in Poreč, Croatia from 12th-19rh June, and will host 8 different national teams; an automated filming and streaming system will be used, which without any operator help films the game from 3 cameras. Such tournament is packed with action and will have more than 20 games in 5 days, which would cost a lot of money to be filmed and streamed with TV operators. Taking the innovative way of automated game filming and streaming provided by PlayEntertainemnt LITE system, tournament organizers will safe a lot of money.

Benefits that PlayEntertainment LITE system brings to the tournament are huge. Coaches, fans and scouts finally have the possiblity to instantlly get a solid game recording and can stream the live game from anywhere in the world. And the easy to use software also allows organizers to put the sponsors in spotlights by integrating their logos and advertisments in the stream.

Futsal Week and PlayGineering Systems are excited to partner up for the tournament and bring the most important content to fans, teams and scouts all around the world.

Head over to playgineering.com/futsalweek to stream find tournament table and stream the games.

About Futsal Week: Futsal week brings together all people who share our passion toward Futsal. Our mission is to share knowledge and experience with participants and have a good time doing it. Behind us is 6 great years with 61 (National) teams, 1195 players and 20 nationalities. 

About PlayGineering Systems: Company is a pioneer in video analytic and entertainment solutions for professional sports based on patented technology innovations and business model innovation, that creates a new market space with the teams, leagues, federations and championships that never used such technologies due to their high cost.


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