We are in the final day of the Futsal Week Summer Cup UNDER 19, and there is only one question left, who will win the Tournament. Croatia or Iraq? Iraq won in their first game in the group phase with result 5:2.

Today, Croatia can show that it was just a bad day. In yesterday’s games, Iraq won against Hungary with 6:1, and put them selfs into the finals against Croatia, they are still unbeaten team at Futsal Week.

Second unbeaten team is Slovenia, but they lost against Croatia on penalties. In regular game the result was 1:1, but after penalties, Croatia won the game. It was a big series of penalties, after run of 9 penalty shots, Filip Radaj saved the shot and Fran Vukelić scored for Croatian victory.

Poland showed their quality against Moldova, they won with 5:0 and they will face Serbia in the match for the 5th place. Serbia won their game against Finland, but they must be thankful to their goalkeeper Mihajlo Mrgetić who saved 10m kick and penalty,


Follow the live action from Futsal Week FINAL Day, you can watch all games by clicking here.


5th/6th Place Match

11:00 Serbia – Poland

7th/8th Place Match

13:00 Finland – Moldova

3rd/4th Place Match

15:00 Hungary – Slovenia

1st/2nd Place Match

17:00 Iraq – Croatia



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