Behind us is the 2nd day of the Tournament and you could watch interesting games via Live stream.

In the 1st match, Hungary won against Greece with 1:0, but they could score even more goals. The Greece goalkeeper was incredible on the goal, and because of him, the result was only 1:0. This win means 2 wins in 2 games for Hungary, and they could be now the favorites of the tournament.

The game Bosnia and Herzegovina vs Kuwait started with two penalties. First scored Bosnia, and then 2 minutes later Kuwait equals on the same way.

2 minutes before the end of the game, Bosnia and Herzegovina had 3:2, and Kuwait scored with a great lob of the goalkeeper. Both teams have many chances till the end, but the end result was 3:3.

In the end, Hungary is the 1st team with maximum 6 points, and Kuwait is 2nd with 4. Bosnia and Herzegovina have 1 point, and Greece and Slovenia 0.