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Great Challenges for your team! 

This tournament brings together all kind of different teams in the world. The futsal week tournament has become a vital part of preparation for global futsal teams.

In terms of the quality of play on the field, the futsal week tournament challenges amateurs and professional teams. We organise tournaments for U-17, U-19, Women and seniors.

Senior training camps

Prepare yourself for great accomplishments! 

The place where your team can learn new things and improve themselves. Your team has great coaches, also, team coaches have FIFA instructors. You are on the sea or in the city you want, and we will arrange you accommodation and hall.

Youth training camps

We have knowledge and experience.

Coaching on our  Youth Futsal Week Training Camps challenge young athletes to progressively develop their skills and confidence. Players learn about the: attitude, mentality, tactics,technics and preparation.

Youths play and live together, free to make new friends as they wish.

Young players can learn new things and improve themselves with great coaches. You are on the sea or in the city you want, and we will arrange you accommodation and hall.

Women tournaments & training camps

Ladies first (futsal camp)! 

Girls from all over the world can enjoy taking their futsal development to a new level on Futsal Week girls futsal training camps!

Futsal Week elite coaching staff helps every player become the ultimate athlete on the pitch. You are on the sea or in the city you want, and we will arrange you accommodation and hall.

Futsal week Overseas

Futsal is on the move, ask us to come to your country.

Futsal week is acclimating to a new countries, understanding local partner who’s native to the region or intimately familiar with the local sport climate can simplify everything.

We can come to your city or country, and we can upgrade your futsal knowledge and coach your futsal team.

Futsal education

Learn more about futsal, we can help you

One of the rear futsal educations in the world with one of the best futsal coaches with leading Mićo Martić, FIFA futsal instructor.

Unique experience and communication with many questions and real life examples from the futsal world. There is theoretical, but even more practical work with the true stories of the winners, coaches that won championships and tournaments with national teams.

– Mićo Martić (FIFA futsal instructor, Futsalplanet owner)

– Tiago Polido (Qatari national futsal team coach)

– Doug Reed (English national team player)

– Lucio Solazzi (Zambian national futsal team coach)

– Roberto Osimani (Italian futsal coach)

Feel the futsal like never before.